EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin
EDC Pocket Fire Tin

EDC Pocket Fire Tin

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The EDC Pocket Fire Tin includes 3 key fire lighting methods; Solar, Friction & Chemical (matches). Designed to be lightweight, compact & versatile. It easily fits into a pocket, pouch or bugout / go bag, ready for when you need it!

Fresnel Lens - A slimline, lightweight & compact burning lens offering 6x magnification.

Nato Approved Waterproof Matches - Hand-dipped and varnished, Stronger and more effective than standard matches, these matches have extra long heads and will continue to burn through strong winds and rain. Hard to light and near impossible to extinguish!

Paraffin Rich Fire Plugs - Lightweight, high-vis orange fire plugs. Infused with Paraffin to make them easy to use in all weather conditions.

Paraffin Coated Hemp Wick: Reusable matchstick style wick, coated in Paraffin to allow for an easy & consistent burn, when lighting tinder.

Anodised Aluminium Sleeve & Bellow - The perfect sleeve to extinguish your Hemp Wick or alternatively use it as a bellow, bellowing oxygen to ignite your fire!

10mm x 8cm Kärnan™ Ferro Rod (With lanyard hole) - Our Ferrocerium Rod yields over 10,000+ strikes, working in all weather conditions, making it a must have for your EDC Kit.

Multi-tool Striker (With lanyard hole) - Striker, Scraper, Bottle Opener & Map Rangefinder. Also featuring a lanyard hole, to easily incorporate it into any pre-existing kits.

1x Grip Seal Waterproof Bag - Presented in a grip seal bag, to keep the tin & contents 100% waterproof. The grip seal bag can also act as an emergency pouch for filters water or to keep tinder dry.

- 1x Fresnel Lens (6x Magnification)
- 5x Nato Approved Waterproof Matches & adhesive backed striker paper
- 5x Paraffin Rich Fire Plugs
- 1x Paraffin Coated Hemp Wick
- 1x Anodised Aluminium Sleeve & Bellow
- 1x 10mm x 8cm Kärnan™ Ferro Rod (With lanyard hole)
- 1x Multi-Tool Striker (With lanyard hole)
- 1x Grip Seal Waterproof Bag
- 1x Borderland Tin

Not suitable for children (equipment should be kept in a secure place)

- All smoke is carcinogenic, so take care not to inhale it when handling, blowing and creating your fire.

- Always seek permission and obey the laws within your specific county and/or country when pursuing these kinds of activities.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We stand behind our products and their craftmanship, therefore our return policy extends to 60 days.

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